Missing German Tourist at Nusa Dua Beach

The victim was reported missing while snorkeling

When we talk about the area of Nusa Dua, immediately imagine luxury five star hotels complete with its beautiful beaches. Waves at the beach looks so calm with long coastlines, shaded, cause filled with shady trees.

Take the time to sit around enjoying the breeze on the beach, all so soothing. On the shore there are jamblang tress that already scarce in Bali, the fruits just like grapes but more dense and tend to be acidic.

But you also can find another beach in this region that are not so friendly with steep cliffs with waves hurtling collided with the barrier reef concatenated relentless. Dangerous impression, but this area has been made cementing permanent road and guardrail.

We may not know how the beginning, when a tourist from Germany, Bernhard Manfred Erich Lubke, 71 yrs, who was snorkeling in the waters around the coast, in the early afternoon when the sun is no longer too dazzling.

All looks fine, he was enjoying the view below, but suddenly unknown to all, perhaps because tired or there is any other cause, he just disappeared, the possibility that he dragged underwater currents, although at that moment a wave of the sea around the site appear calm.

His wife asked the Nusa Dua Beach Hotel clerk about him and they were looking around the beach, not found, a time at around 18:00 local time.

The hotel management immediately requested assistance from the Search and Rescue Team from Denpasar, Bali and have not yet given satisfactory results. Search activity continues until the next night with the additional help of a number of other officials, including Water Police, and Balawista Nusa Dua.

(Source Antara, Kompas /Images Ni Kdk R Riyanti, wikipedia)


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