Keep Documentation of Your Travel as a Fun Activities

Some Tips to be a Good Travel Photographer

Balinese Dancer - V Saver

When you are in the tourist spots is always the desire to make travel documentation, the selection of tourist attractions that are considered interesting, as a travel photographer should also read the characteristic of the place.

Sunset in Kuta Beach - L Tambajong

Times have changed as a tool to take a picture or photograph, now all changed after the mobile phone or smartphone has a camera. No wonder that every person is able to produce photographs when traveling and can instantly become a travel photographer.

Burj Al Dubai from the hotel terrace - DA Poucin

You certainly do not want travel photos seem familiar enshrined, simply because so many have perpetuated.

Travelator in Changi - M Kretyawan

Some tips are often the focus of a travel photographer, citing an article in a travel site, KompasTravel, can be studied.

1. Select the unusual object images.
2. More accurate to the photographic object that may be overlooked by others.
3. Avoid unusual angles, looking for different camera angles.
4. Photographers also have to catch tourist spot characteristic, eg image objects (ricefields, statue, temples, beaches, tower, high rise buildings etc.) in a tourist location has its own characteristics.
5. Understanding the composition in a photographic image capture.

City of Bagan, Myanmar - DA Abadhy

Being a travel photographer eventually become an important part of travel itself, be a special experience not to be forgotten.

(Source Tirto Andayanto, S Noviyanti - KompasTravel /Images V Saver, L Tambajong, DA Poucin, M Kretyawan, DA Abadhy)


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