Countries that are Beautiful as an Photography Objects – 2

The lake in Beijing

The beautiful lands that serve as the object of photos as presented in part 1, travel may be the best opportunity to record beautiful moments with memories as evidence of personal experience that is not forgotten.

Latest gadget have indulged users with a variety of features, regardless of photographic techniques need to be learned.

Everyone has become a photographer, some countries are worthy of being the object in the previous article, then we try to find another country that deserves as an object of photography, even you are a beginner. Let's take good pictures!

6. China. Special place to take beautiful pictures, natural scenery, such as radishes in Luoping field in early spring. Or try an unique image, in the Wangfujing snack street at night or to the rural environment. Very interesting.

7. Switzerland. Like a fairy tale city is a challenge to be recorded in the photographic object. High mountains were covered with snow, pointy building churches, black and white cows, lakes and sparkling green grass and natural beauty of the mountains in the distance.

The local street shop, India

8. India. Many interesting moments with sunset light in Kerala river, the view on the streets of Rajasthan. Many great objects presented in front of your eyes, you will be impressed with everything, temples, streets, people who move in worship, a strong tradition, even the enchanting Taj Mahal.

9. Canada. Beautiful nature with the sky stretched across the sky, Wells Gray Provincial Park, with the reflection of light from the largest freshwater lake in Canada. Icefields Parkway in Alberta until the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia, from polar bears in northern Manitoba to the water in the Yukon.

Travelers in Peru

10. Peru. Look for spectacular objects in Machu Picchu, natural mountain scenery is extraordinary. Seeing macaw bird around Cusco, Amazon, and even volcanoes around Arequipa, as well as the dynamics of the population in the city of Lima.

Objects of photography that amazing for anyone, for photographers with a wealth of available objects in sight. Traveled while enjoying hobbies or going with the family, point the camera at every beautiful object and all recorded inside it. Click!

(Source, Travel Kompas /Images G Alexei, L Pandjaitan)


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