10 Countries with Cheapest Flight Cost

Based on the survey "Transportation Price Index" on the cost of traveling on five continents

News of interest to travelers who frequently travel by air, given the increasing tendency to use the aircraft over the last 5 years to travel, for example, which happens to travelers from Asia.

A site that provides information about the ticket price comparisons, GoEuro, which compares the cost of traveling in 51 countries on five continents. It reports that flight costs are included in the category of the least expensive, as published on the Huffingtonpost website.

Here's a list of the cheapest countries to travel by plane.

1. India ($ 10.36)
2. Malaysia ($ 11.43)
3. South Africa ($ 11.63)
4. Australia ($ 12.20)
5. Spain ($ 13.21)
6. United States ($ 13.89)
7. Turkey ($ 15.95)
8. Italy ($ 16.75)
9. Russia ($ 16.86)
10. Poland ($ 18.32)

The figure on the list above, calculated based on how much the average cost for a trip with a distance of 100 km (or about 62 miles). In the end, travelers can find the best method of choosing air travel, despite the cost of flying to be one of their considerations.

(Source HuffingtonPost, BeritaSatu /Image American Airlines)


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