Preparation the Holidays with Your Family

10 Tips for Women/Mother in their First Holiday with all family member

Holiday with family, especially with children will give a new color to your life, would need to prepare well so that all can be controlled. For example, clothes that will be taken, the needs of small children, special equipment and medications needed.

Preparation and anticipation of everything meticulously, the holiday can be fun and not forgotten.

Here are 10 tips family holidays with a special preparation for the mother/woman carrying a small child.

1. Children Luggage. Ensure that it is important and necessary as well as hotel accommodation facilities for the needs of the child.
Unless you want to bring the needs of its own, used car has been equipped with a car seat for the baby.

2. Bring the goods are always needed by children in extra amount. Do not forget medications, wet wipes, diapers, body warmers oil, a healthy snack, and their favorite milk.

3. Children Toys. Choose toys that do not disturb the environment, do not make a noisy sounds, or toys that contain liquids. You can choose a coloring book image, a block of flats, and a story book. Avoid singing doll toy, or train with the sound of wheels. Toys should be kept separate, portable backpack by your little ones.

4. Car Seats. Always brought into the cabin that has been protected with a special glove car seat for long trips.

5. Document for children. Prepare all documents about your child, including information about their birth and age, everything related. May be preparing an official photocopy of birth certificate from the hospital.
If your child is active enough, although still below the age of two years, it is advisable to buy airline tickets, especially to travel with mileage of more than two hours. Of course the child is free to move in the chair itself.

6. Bring medicines, milk, and baby food in moderation. Airport authorities will allow the size and a certain dose. Sure you do not want them to confiscate the belongings of the child, causing long queues.

7. It is recommended to bring their own strollers. More efficient although the hotel has provided a stroller rental. More efficient the better, right?

8. Water bottle for kids/baby. Preferably rechargeable, of course discretion is more efficient and does not need any time to buy water when taking a walk with them.

9. Create the atmosphere of joy (!). This is the moment of fun for the family, the children will remember all their lives. Of course for the good of the family, the wife/husband and children.

10. Good communication takes place during the holidays. Need to have a good commitment, to holiday fun for all. Avoid fights and action admonishing them loudly in public places, should encourage children to be more cooperative.

Holidays are always exciting and fun, but you might find unpleasant conditions, such as long queues, traffic jams, less tasty food, which makes children's emotions go up and down. As parents master the situation. All went smoothly and all the love does not disturb other people around. Holiday is always wonderful!

(Source D Wulandari Wijaya - Female Kompas, Working Mother /Image F Benjamin)


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