Choosing an Airlines that Friendly to Children

Family holidays always bring a special experience

Tourist trips with the kids, this could be a special experience but need to be well prepared and carefully, so as not to bother for their parents. Some interesting tips to find an airlines that is friendly to children, citing an article in the family tourist sites.

1. Determine the airline carefully that targeting the family segment. Of course we need to examine some of the airline's official online sites, because some airlines are currently present with features of forbidden zone for the kids on the plane. Avoid this airline. You can choose the airline that is friendly to children, as one of them is Etihad.

2. Look at the awards ever achieved by the airline in the service category. There are some airlines that are consistently winning awards for the airline service industry, for example Singapore Airlines or Garuda Indonesia, which recently received the award for best cabin crew.

3. Prioritize environment that gives joy. Not difficult to find airlines in this category, fun to fly with the children. You can find it on the airline – Ava Air which comes with a Hello Kitty Jet plane, pink-paced environment, ranging from boarding passes to Hello Kitty themed seat.

4. Consider a fleet of the new aircraft of the airlines. The interior design of better and cleaner, for example, the A380 fleet with few places to stand in the quiet corner and soothing the child to sleep. Various other premium amenities you can find, such as entertainment facilities and toilets are equipped with a table for changing diapers/baby clothes.

5. Aero Bridge. Children love the experience as it goes here, but when you lead small children, can be a hassle especially when the weather is not favorable. Walk slowly and do not forget stuff congenital or your luggage.

6. Consideration of the low cost airline not a priority. You need to be aware of when the holiday with family is always costly. Not always profitable if you choose the budget airlines, because there will be other costs. Can happen to you when to incur additional costs, for example as a consequence of the extended baggage items children supplies.

Always prioritize convenience over cost considerations, when you are going on vacation with family and kids. Sure you want to fly with joy, for example, a chair with a wider leg room, priority to rise early, aero bridges, and points to the passenger subscription.

7. Entertainment facilities can help the peace of the children in flight. The more options the better course for the children. Children can be more calm and less hassle during a travel trip with family.

8. Recommendations from other parents or friends who have experienced of family tourism. Ads of family friendly airline is not always based on reality, it is advisable to get the information by word of mouth, ask friends and family who had flown on a route and similar experience.

(Source Suitcases & Strollers, Travel Kompas /Images Singapore Airlines)


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