CityCharge, something new in New York

The center of solar-powered mobile phone charger

Bryant Park, New York

As you enjoy the city that always busy, with people milling around in different directions without the slightest turn on you.

No need to hesitate, they just were busy with their own thoughts, just enjoy it and keep going. Well, if the way you are aware of your cell phone battery is running low, the passerby can immediately visit the CityCharge unit since August this year, as facilities for citizens and it's free. Cool, isn't it?

The Horse Carriage in a morning time, New York

CityCharge units scattered in Bryant Park, New York, designed by industrial designer, Ignacio Ciocchini and is the result of collaboration between the Bryant Park Corporation, Green Barrel Energy Inc., and Landscape Forms, a leading provider of high-quality public furniture.

A morning in New York

For travelers who are enjoying this "Big Apple" city, the unit of CityCharge can facilitate your trip, and is widely able to encourage social interaction among the people who were in the city of New York.

(Source, T Diela - Kompas /Images Bryant Park, N Jalil)


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