Three mobile device usage by most travelers

Booking air tickets gets easier in the last 5 years

The use of mobile devices among tourists who are on the tour has become a norm, we take it as a complement attached.

Based on air travel survey conducted by a travel site, TripAdvisor from June 25 to July 8, 2014, an increasing trend in air travel in more than 5 years because of the way the booking through mobile devices.

Here's three mobile device usage by tourists.

1. Looking for ticket prices (57 percent)
2. Check-in cost (56 percent)
3. Check the status of flights (54 percent)

At the time of flight lasted, they - the tourists - suffered mood swings, not too eager to go online (95 percent) said that they rarely or never buy a Wi-Fi service in their flight.

The use of mobile devices make it all easier with more and more route options and the ease of mobile applications, to the group of travelers from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia who love air travel and fly out of the country these days.

(Source Travel Kompas, TripAdvisor /Image AirTravelers)


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