Find Disease Information before Travelling

Thing worth considering is the risk of disease transmission in the country of destination

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The holiday season arrives and every member of the family has been preparing to travel to several countries, for example. Has become a habit that to travel is always associated with the preparation related to the location, exotic places abroad, ticket and accommodation affairs, but it is an important point often forgotten.

We may often read the impact of Ebola virus that is sweeping the world these days, quite a lot of concern in many countries, especially for tourists who are and will be traveling between countries. Not wrong when tourist trips are always preceded by a search for information about infectious diseases were common in travelers in the destination country.

1. Prepare the health of the body. In order to stay healthy during traveling to seek information about the disease.

2. Disease information can be obtained through trusted sites. Such as sites belonging to Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). On the site we can find information about the health of the travel.

3. Information on the most common diseases suffered by tourists in a country. So as to take preventive measures before the trip by doing vaccination to reduce the risk of disease transmission by 90 percent. However, the effectiveness of the vaccine depends on the ability of a person's body to form antibodies.

Precise information about specific diseases and generally suffered by travelers when traveling on tour, including typhoid, tuberculosis, hepatitis A, HIV, yellow fever, influenza, malaria, and meningitis.

Another thing to be prepared is to find other information, such as rules and restrictions in the destination countries, the season, and language. And make sure the location is also of interest to visit, accommodation, prices, and public transport can be used there.

(Source Iris Rengganis, MD - Division of Allergy Clinical Immunology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia - Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, U Kartika - Health Kompas /Image Karma Ayana Resort & Spa)


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