Something different at Ngurah Rai Airport Bali

After completion of the expansion and renovation of all the international terminal, domestic at the end of June

When you are at the Ngurah Rai International Airport, Denpasar, Bali, especially when entering certain rooms, such as the Domestic Departure Terminal.

Something different. Renovation and expansion of Ngurah Rai Airport is predicted to be able to accommodate 25 million passengers per year until 2025.

The area of the international terminal increased so 120,000 square meters of 65,800 square meters and has been in operation in November last year. Domestic terminal into a 65,800 square meters of the 13,300 square meters.

Prepare to be amazed and impressed with the interior room of the airport, neat and spacious all with Balinese ornaments. Incredible views than ever before.

Ngurah Rai pamper passengers plane with scented atmosphere of a shopping center, mall inside the airport an inviting and comfortable to linger in the waiting room.

If so, let travel to Bali. Always privileged to be in a different atmosphere, a unique tradition of culture, beautiful nature and beaches of Bali are tempting the tourists who are on vacation.

Source: Tribune Bali, KompasTravel, A Niaki - IndoRunners
Image: A Niaki


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