Rejected Love Better than Denied Visa

Visa for tourists is an important component in order to enter a destination state

Visa and Passport checking

Note: The following article is written from a female journalist on a travel site, Travel Kompas, Fira Abdurachman - which deserves to be noted regarding the use of visas for travelers in a destination country.

Have you ever been rejected in love? The pain was like Mike Tyson punched, the boxer with punch "hook" it is able to KO his opponents. What if a visa is denied? Yes more or less the same as well so it seems.

If rejected, we usually blame the embassy directly or officers. Starting from the allegations stingy, arrogant, disrespectful, and other negative charges. Though not always so.

Each country must have its own reasons and considerations in giving entry permits for foreigners, including holiday permits for foreign tourists. One more thing that may happen is incomplete administrative requirements. Plus non-administrative requirements are not adequately assessed. Well, if the latter clearly came come from ourselves.

Here are some tips to apply for visas for those who want to vacation abroad.

1. Note the good condition and meet all the requirements specified. Every country has tourist visa requirements respectively. For example: there is a need proof of savings accounts, there is a need proof of purchase of air tickets and hotel reservations, there is a need letter of guarantee from the company where we work, and so forth. All depends on the destination country. If there is a requirement that is not met, a new guaranteed until the counter was immediately rejected.

2. Related terms, note the small things. Do not let the hard work already qualified but wrong. For example, the size of a passport photo visa is usually different from the size of a regular photograph. Including background color photographs. Hence no photo print shops that offer special services visa photo. This automatic photo printing stores will understand the size and background color photograph corresponding destination country visa. In Jakarta, for example, these stores are easily found on Jalan Sabang.

Including the address where to apply for visas. Some countries have their own offices outside the embassy in the care of the visa application, such as England and Chinese embassy.

The Passports

3. Pay visa fees at the official and correct path. When through the account, with the correct name of the bank note along with a designated branch office if any and account number. Some states have a form and proof of payment of its own which is only issued by a particular bank branch. Keep good form and proof of payment as evidence presented during the interview or visa application.

4. The part that is not less important is the interview with embassy officials. Think of it as a job interview. Ensure appropriate dress, polite and kind. The most important is not to show the attitude of doubt. Understand that the officer needs to be assured that the data we provide is not a lie.

It is further desirable that the officer is a guarantee that we will not become a citizen illegally in the country. So we have to convince them that we are definitely going back to Indonesia according to the proposed plan. If we can convince the visa officer then secured will be offered.

5. Find as much information about obtaining a visa to the destination country. Little things sometimes very helpful. For example: every day the United States embassy is flooded with hundreds of tourist visa or other visa types. Hence the usual queue starts from 6am. If we just line up during the day so we could spend a whole day just to stand in line.

(Source Fira Abdurachman - Travel Kompas /Images The Passport)


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