10 Cities with Highest Highway Congestion Index in the World

In fact, according to a survey of secondary roads could be more "sinister" than the main road

Jakarta, on the weekends. Although the level of congestion is also among the most severe.

If one day you are in one of the cities that are in the list below, is expected to quickly adapt and be a special experience when traveling. Traveling through the city is making us increasingly recognize the ins and outs of the city, making walking increasingly felt closeness with all city activities.

TomTom, a vehicle navigation system technology company from the Netherlands released the results of their annual survey in early July, the level of traffic congestion throughout the world.

Moscow in Russia became the city with the most jammed roads in the world, with a congestion index of 74 percent, meaning that about 74 minutes extra per hour when traffic conditions are at its peak. That figure is based on a comparison of time driving when compared to regular travel time experienced by vehicles jammed worst.

Here's a list of the worst congestion index worldwide versions TomTom.

1. Moscow, Russia - 74 percent
2. Istanbul, Turkey - 62 percent
3. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 55 percent
4. Mexico City, Mexico - 54 percent
5. São Paulo, Brazil - 46 percent
6. Palermo, Italy - 39 percent
7. Warsaw, Poland - 39 percent
8. Rome, Italy - 37 percent
9. Los Angeles, United States - 36 percent
10. Dublin, Ireland - 35 percent

Travelers would be able to see how the business drivers that are on the highway, they spend an average of eight days per year due to stuck in traffic. Regardless of the situation, of course travelers is expected to adjust to the situation.

(Source Forbes, FA Saragih - Kompas /Image M Kretyawan)


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