Traveling with Your Couple Can Increase the Values ​​of Intimacy

Couples who often vacation together having a better sex life

A couple in Lombok

We believe traveled always give a new passion, life is different. Even for personal life with your partner. Certainly through travel planning that is done properly and carefully.

We know that the tour makes all be good and it feels good to us, so is said by some researchers recently. There are things that maybe we do not know, like how life is good in some aspects, such as the relationship of communication, cooperation, commitment and resources to support both financially can affect intimacy and how much influence for life.

Nigt life in Gili Trawangan

Facts found based on a survey of the United States Travel Association in 2013 found that couples who vacation together at least once a year to have more satisfying sex life. Of the 1,100 adults surveyed, 77 percent of them judge their sex lives better than 66 percent of those who are not on vacation.

Holiday trip to special places apparently keep the romance alive from the 83 percent of couples who responded to the survey.

(Source Female Kompas, Intisari Online /Images F Benjamin)


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