Increases, Last 5 Years the Interest in Air Travel

Survey of the tourist trips over 1000 travelers

No doubt when air travel is performed by tourists from different corners of the world into the everyday routine activities that we often see, a survey provides evidence of the increasing interest in air travel.

The survey conducted by travel website, TripAdvisor, to 1,262 tourists from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia from June 25 to July 8, 2014, almost all of them showed their interest (96 percent) for overseas flights in 2014.

Interesting things in the increased interest in air travel, as follows:

1. Booking easier (63 percent)
2. More affordable cost (49 percent)
3. More flight route options (45 percent)
4. Check-in process that is easier (38 percent)
5. Entertainment options better trip (25 percent)

Although there are complaints regarding fares and ticket prices are partly still considered expensive, but passengers have a wide selection of affordable flights in the last five years. If your tour more interesting the farther, at least the imagination inherent in the minds of the tourists, adventure, adventure and more adventure.

(Source Ni Luh Made Pertiwi – Travel Kompas, TripAdvisor /Image Garuda Indonesia)


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