Where's the Most Expensive Cities in the World?

12 most expensive cities according to Savills Reports

The Harrods, London

When you select a destination city and enjoy the beauty of the atmosphere offered, immediately there is a sense of awe about the city. But behind all the admiration you as a tourist, you soon realize that the beauty and grandeur of a city can be connected directly to the cost of living and other expenses costs, when you become part of the city.

A report issued by an agency Savills can be a picture of a city, the cities are magnificent, spectacular but expensive!

The cities with the skyrocketing costs of commercial and residential accommodation, office expenses, home and related properties as well as currency exchange.

New York

Here's 12 most expensive cities in the world according to Savills Report, London, Hong Kong, New York, Paris, Tokyo, Singapore, Moscow, Sydney, Dubai, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro, and Mumbai.

Hong Kong

From the list of the 12 most expensive cities, keep in mind that a surprise, that the London shift the position of Hong Kong as the most expensive city in the world this year, given the position of Hong Kong, which has been five years in a row into the list of global cities standings highest cost.

As a tourists, besides the magnificent cities of the above, you may also consider visiting the cheapest cities, namely Mumbai in India.

(Source Savills, Kompas /Images W Sjahran, Hanna Yohana)


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