Where's the best 5 cities for shopping?

Imagine during these few cities in the world as a city of paradise for shopping, such as Hong Kong, Paris, Milan, and Singapore as a city that is considered worth visiting as a tourist destination shopping.

Do you want to propose another city?

This time Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia get title as the city shopping destination that offers representative retail shopping space and at the same time becomes the magma in order to attract tourists and business travelers to shop.

Citing a CNN news of a valuation report from The Globe Shopper City Index, known to few cities in the world that is worth a visit. Assessment is measured by scoring 1-10 against four main criteria.

There is 12 cities in the world met with the 4 general criteria, the first criteria include accessibility and transport - eg public transport quality, affordability and availability of transportation mode and distance and travel time.

The second criterion is the value and benefits offered when shopping in the city during the season and the average sales price of the product. The third criterion is the number of outlets that offer variety - include number of brands, number of stores, number of department stores, boutiques and stalls.

Fourth is the shopping experience - this is important, for example, the beauty of the city, the quality of construction and interior decoration, the friendliness and competence of the service, culinary and choice of accommodation facilities - hotels and inns.

Here's a list of the top 5 best cities as shopping destinations in the world based on the version of The Globe Shopper City Index:

1. New York. Score 35. Town with a lot of diversity in the interpretation of progress and lifestyle. Offering a complete variants, ranging from fashion, culinary, gems, perfumes, to antiques.

Various international brand of luxury class, you cand find in this place. Physically prepare you to explore every niche town connected integrated access and transport modes.

2. Tokyo. Score 34, Tokyo offers uniqueness. The city has a shopping district in Shinjuku region, the very famous shopping belt in the world.

Shinjuku neighborhood filled by giant retail chain Isetan with a touch of personal service, which ready to serve you with your language in English, Chinese and Korean.

  Besides fashion you can also enjoy culinary and the Japanese unique traditional cakes. Shopping in Tokyo is relatively more cheaper than New York or Hong Kong.

3. London. Score of 31 points. Town with all sorts of conveniences, such as that presented by The Globe Shopper City Index, London surpasses all other European cities both in the number of shops and the availability of international and local brands.

Look at the area of ​​Liberty Department Store - the Tudor style exterior complete with fireplace. There are fashion designers works locally and internationally, kitchen appliances, accessories and so forth.

4. Kuala Lumpur. Amazing isn't it? Cities in Southeast Asia, with a value of 30, Kuala Lumpur beat other major cities such as Dubai, Paris, and Singapore.

Kuala Lumpur has three of the world's 10 largest malls with over 650 stores which include rock climbing facilities in Asia, roof garden with 500 species of exotic plants from tropical rain forests and freshwater aquariums.

Assessment is based on the town shopping centers of excellence quality, affordable prices and reliable services.

5. Paris. The town is well worth including in the list of the world that offer shoppaholic lifestyle. Score of 29 with a row of shops best boutique concept that does not sell clothes.

Synonymous with Merci, and a giant legendary culinary region (gourmette) Le Bon Marche built since 1850 is one of the "holy trinity" department store in this city's fashion.

Try also to the area of ​​greatest Printemps beauty outlets globally. This year, Printemps in partnership with Christian Dior for their exclusive products.

There's more fascinating, Galeries Lafayette - the fashion region of department store with seven floors of the structure. Travelers can enjoy a fashion show in this region every Friday at 3pm local time.

Of course with this 5 major cities in the world you can feel the aura, even you would also like the other locations scattered across the world with the appropriate areas referred to as shopping attractions.

(Source CNN, Kompas /Images Sonya Susilo, Helena Nina)


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