The World Luxury Hotel Awards 2013 for Borobudur Hotel

The awards vary in terms of providing special assessment for luxury hotels around the world, in this case can be seen as a reward for their top prize.

The awards include categories in the luxury hotel industry and including luxury resort located on a private island, hotel casino, hotels in the city center, and lodges.

This year the award was given and held in Puket, Thailand on November 1, 2013, followed by the hotels located in more than 35 countries around the world on the eve of the award ceremony.

Of course the value of the winner will be very prestigious, they are rated from service and effective management chosen by an international tour operators, travel agents and hotel guests have the opportunity to cast their ballots each year.

A process to obtain fair and the winner be very different from other awards. The inspiration for luxury properties around the world to improve the level of service and role in the international competition on each property standards.

One of the award-winning hotel is the Borobudur Hotel in Jakarta, the "Indonesia Luxury Business Hotel 2013", a remarkable achievement. As presented by Poul E Bitsch, GM Borobudur Hotel, quoting a news from a travel website, said the award is very valuable to them and their business groups.

An award is the product of their hard work, dedication in service and their standards, customers and guests certainly agree on this point. Make a tourist trip more enjoyable, when you are arriving in Jakarta one day.

(Source Borobudur Hotel, travelKompas /Image Borobudur Hotel)


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