Foods that cause Jet Bloat

In a flight there are several things that can happen to passengers after the flight took place. Among other syndrome is the most disliked jet lag.

In addition to the jet lag that always annoying, there is another disruption to passengers who are generally caused by certain foods, namely jet bloat.

Jet bloat is uncomfortable conditions experienced by passengers while in flight.

Citing an article a tourist site, a report by PRweb that released by Fox News, the term of jet bloat is refers to the body that increases the volume of gas at high altitude. The farther the height, the gas produced by the body more and more.

It means that certain foods can cause disturbances in our bodies before taking off. Even some experts say to not consume alcohol and coffee, as it makes our body speedy thirst, followed by dehydration.

Of course you do not want to restless (and headaches) in the long haul flight, here are some foods that you can avoid to prevent jet bloat:

Fries. These foods contain high fat and sodium. In height in the air, our body's digestive system is not able to digest these substances. Abdominal bloating and uneasiness throughout the trip.

Apple. Containing gas that can make flatulence.

Nuts. Put off the snacks.

Soft drinks. Give effect to heartburn and flatulence. Better consume soda with herbal teas.

Chili or spicy foods. Heartburn cause stomach irritation. Of course you do not want too frequently to the toilet during the flight, right?

Chewing gum. Consume too much gum can cause bloating.

If only you could more carefully before starting the journey, of course all of the above can be overcome. Travel and arrive at the destination is much more important, though long flight.

(Source FOX News, travelKompas /Image PW Hatmi)


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