Garuda Fly Back to London

The airlines from a country of islands with swaying coconut trees along the beaches in Southeast Asia, Indonesia is finally fly back to London.

They have received awards from Skytrax, the global aviation consultant based in London, the two most prestigious award, the best economy class and the best economy class seats in the world.

Indonesian Ambassador in London welcomed, quoting a site tour, Monday, November 4, 2013, "I am proud the Garuda airlines back to serve the Jakarta-London route," he said when present at WTM London tourism exhibition in Indonesia pavilion.

He added that the presence of Garuda in London enliven flight from Asia to the UK and made ​​a number of Asian flight routes to Europe are increasing rapidly after a flight from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Brunei, and now Garuda Indonesia.

Garuda introduced the first nonstop service from London to Jakarta from May 29, 2014 with a very competitive introductory price for first class, business class and economy class.

Garuda will fly three times a week for the London - Jakarta - Sydney with very competitive prices and with very favorable for businessmen due to arrive in Jakarta at 06.00 am and transit for only 2 hours. "Garuda is the only airline that underwent route from Europe to Australia via Jakarta immediately," said Erik Meijer of Garuda Indonesia.

Tourism is a great contribution to the income of a country, the opportunity has been opened, while the number of British tourists who are going on holiday to Indonesia continues to increase. It certainly gives a good impact on tourism between the two countries.

(Source Garuda Indonesia, travelKompas /Image Garuda Indonesia)


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