Betawi Village Festival in Jakarta Old Town

The city of Jakarta was always associated with this one's tribe, Betawi tribe. At its time immemorial they who inhabit Jakarta, formerly known as the Jayakarta.

Changing all the times, the more marginalized communities, but the identity of the city can not be separated from the long history of Betawi ethnic.

Such as the local Jakarta government worked, organized activities Kampung Betawi Festival (Betawi Village Festival) in old town of Jakarta on Saturday and Sunday, November 16 to 17, 2013.

As said by Ida Zubaidah representing Jakarta Provincial Tourism & Cultural Office, citing a news media in Jakarta, this event not only as a promotional event, but also educational. Old town of Jakarta will be transformed into Kampung Betawi, which later decorated with Betawi ornaments culture, both in terms of layout to culinary.

Betawi ethnic is a mix variety of ethnic tribes, such as Chinese, Arabic culture, Malay, and East Indonesian. Exciting events that immediately received support from National Geographic Traveller magazine to make the trip in the form of booklets writing in the December issue of 2013.

Good opportunity for tourists who have plan visiting Jakarta, a walk to the old town of Jakarta while enjoying a blend of ethnic diversity in the Betawi community.

(Source Warta Kota, Antara, travelKompas, D Damanhuri-Old Town Jakarta /Image PW Hatmi)


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