Are you a Tourist, maybe not?

Often you on trips to various places you visit during this time to feel something that you do not realize. Approximately what is it? Do you walk into a tourist spot because it wants it or there are other needs inside?

Interesting question, are you a tourist or a traveler?

An interesting article in a tourist site, travelKompas taken from the Huffington Post convey different things. According to the article there is a difference between a traveler and a tourist.

Furthermore the review said, a traveler will always move, towards new places where his feet would move. While a tourist more specific in setting goals, certain places, certain times, and for specific purposes.

Perhaps the list below as an excerpt from The Huffington Post to explain the characteristics of a traveler journey addressing. Maybe you unwittingly become one of them.

- A traveler has been planning the next trip, though he/she is still on the way.
- Traveler will do unusual things during the trip, including the pose while taking pictures.
- If you are a traveler, must be very sensitive view the interesting things encountered during the ride.
- Often a traveler makes the trip not just a hobby, but a job.
- On the way trip, is very reasonable if you have homesick. However, travelers will find ways to overcome them.
- A traveler will have maps stored in wallets or electronic maps installed into a his/her smartphone.
- Traveler will be a lot of memorizing the language he/she has visited. Minimal basic greetings such as "hello", "goodbye" and "thank you".
- A traveler makes passport as favorite objects.
- Traveler know the price that must be paid to have fun on the way. Therefore, he/she would appreciate any his/her destination journey.
- Traveler usually a reference that his/her friends will do the same trip. Most of them ask about transportation, lodging, and state in the goal area.
- Traveler are disciplined and good at set time.

What do you think after reading the above description? Of course you would think, maybe all this time you are really not a tourist? All things can happen to anyone, eventually experience the adventure and traveled remains the ultimate goal.

(Source Huffington Post, travelKompas /Image L Pandjaitan - South America)


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