Bali is one of the romantic places in the World

A beautiful day, a special moment when you as a couple will undergo a honeymoon, imagined romantic places in the world are eligible to choose.

Perfect match is falling in love, marriage couple, would not choose a place to further strengthen romantic relationships?

A tourism website Lonely Planet certainly very difficult pick places anywhere in the world that are included in the category of romantic places, represent some of the areas around the world.

May you be the judge, of course you can create its own criteria, agree or not?

This is the choice of the Lonely Planet - their version, accepted it first. I agree, if you can add other locations in the world.

Bali, Indonesia. The specialty of this island is a Balinese Hindu culture adopted by the majority of society. Unique natural environment, watch religious ritual gifts of flowers to Hindu Gods. The island is very tempting tourists and friendly community.

California, United States. Watch the tempestuous beaches where the tourists desire to be part of the waves, and the pride of dazzling cliffs in California. Temptation of exploring the national park with towering trees.

Queenstown, New Zealand. Who does not know the bungee jumping? This is where all started, as well as the sport of paragliding, hiking and even skiing. The more dazzling in the coming years with new pathways mountain bike.

Colchagua Valley, Chile. The area is filled with old cities of the colonial era and the museums. Plantation rich with wine, wine producing country with the hills and beautiful vineyards about two hours to the south of Santiago.

Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado, United States. Look for silence in this city, a remote area southwest Colorado. Your spouse will be enchanted by the romantic atmosphere created, when the winter come is the best time to visit. Snow covered the city, but the hot springs with boiling steam to warm you and your partner.

Various other options other romantic places you can add. Indeed, there is always a unique and romantic places you can meet.

(Source Lonely Planet, travelKompas, S Wisaksono - Benoa, Bali /Image P Balapatyona)


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