Photographing When Traveling

Arbain Rambey known as the mainstream media reporters in Jakarta with expertise in the field of photography, give some necessary tips in taking photos in a traveling.

The moment was conveyed in a seminar talk show that is part of the tourism exhibition "Kompas Travel Mart" end of April 2013.

Certain moments in the plane can be used as one of the photographic moment, choose from morning. Because it can get a lot of great moments in addition to just be able to fly.

"If you choose an early morning flight on a plane. Due to the first, while the traffic jam is far. Still early. Secondly, Jakarta sky is still clean, and could check in early to choose the chair by the window," he said.

Isn't it great while flying, we get a nice moment on the aircraft? Look out the window, you will be blown away, don’t you? Imagine a wild fantasy inside you, let's say you are a Superman!

When traveling is also the most special moment, we are asked to actively look for special moments. "If you have a picnic don’t mostly sleeping. Whatever the venue, get up early. If you want to sleep better you do it at home," he added.

Moment of the best photography is above the 8 am, great location especially in tropical Indonesia. Even if you are so obsessed, try before 7am.

Many beautiful photography locations in Indonesia, tries pollution-free eastern Indonesia may be a good choice.

(Source F Prawitasari, Arbain Rambey - travelKompas /Image Setiadi Darmawan)


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