Richard Branson, Lady in Red!

"This was my first experience of being a flight attendant. I enjoy it," says Richard Branson.

So what happens when two super-rich people will bet on anything. Richard Branson lost a bet with Tony Fernandes, at the end of the 2010 competition, Marussia Virgin only occupies the 12th position, or 2 levels below the Lotus.

Luck was not on his side, Richard Branson should be a stewardess in Fernandes owned airline, Air Asia.

This is really news! "Lady in red. My first time working as cabin crew, with lipstick and red shoes," said Branson. Sunday, May 12, 2013 in Air Asia flight’s Perth to Kuala Lumpur, he was wearing a red stewardess uniform and dress like a tart cake, complete with stocking fish net.

He served the passenger Air Asia with a variety of food for 30 minutes, including serving Fernandes.

Sensastional and certainly became headline news this week.

(Source AFP, Kompas /Image Richard Branson Pages)


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