Singapore one of the world's most popular tourist destinations

The island country in Southeast Asia is not too broad, even they don’t have natural attractions. But there might be something interesting in the eyes of the tourists, the country is consistent in its tourism development goals.

Singapore proved to be managed to amaze the world traveler with a number of tourist manmade, such as Marina Bay Sands area, Garden by the Bay, and the island of Sentosa managed to amaze tourists to flock to fly to Singapore.

There are still others, they build a wide range of world-class infrastructure. Best airport in the world, there is no doubting the quality of Changi Airport is equipped with a range of facilities to help travelers on the go.

Singapore comes as one of the world-class tourist destination, according to the results of research Master Card Global Destination Index for the year 2013, Singapore ranks 4th. Data from the study showed Singapore 11.75 million is expected to attract world travelers to enjoy this beautiful country. This figure darted sharply, compared with 2.95 million last data in 2010.

Have you ever seen the construction of a new port terminal, Singapore Cruise Centre, a thing that can improve the attractiveness of Singapore. Even when we were in the city is relatively easy, all within easy reach, supported by MRT and buses are easily accessible from the tourist centers.

Strong-meaning government and aggressively promoting the country, underscoring its commitment to make Singapore as a business hub, shopping, health tourism, culinary tourism, conference and performance center, world-class concerts.

In this research, Bangkok became the first Asian city that has been named in the top, managed to put London to the No. 2. Romantic city of Paris is at number 3, and so on under Singapore is great cities such as New York, Istanbul, Dubai and Barcelona.

(Source travelKompas, Master Card Global Destination Index /Image F Krisna Caturangga)


  1. Traveling in this beautiful destination is really a wonderful thing.You will surely havea wonderful experience while visiting the amazing tourist places.


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