Tourism twins cooperation – Bali and Lake Toba

Lake Toba is one of the largest lake in the world, it formed from a gigantic volcanic explosion millions of years ago. An enchanting tourist area, although perhaps not widely known.

Like a painting, that's always talk of people who had come to the region of Lake Toba, they admire the beauty of a painting like enjoying nature.

Local government in Samosir located on an island in the middle of the lake, along with 6 other counties in the Lake Toba region became part of the tourism cooperation with the Province of Bali.

Bali Tourism Office welcomes cooperation twin provinces in terms of tourism promotion, the advantages and appeal of Bali will be mutually reinforcing with the tourist area in North Sumatra, especially the region of Lake Toba.

Bali has a tourist information center that can be used even more time to promote the tourist area of North Sumatra, of these advantages can give lessons to promote tourism in the region of Lake Toba.

North Sumatra have their lake, but not only that. Culturally diverse and integrated communities in the region, we even like to see festivities around. The area is rich with cultural gathering tribes native to Indonesia, you will be amazed to see it. For sure!

(Source Antara, North Sumatra Tourism Office, travelKompas /Image Johan Mudas)


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