At.Mosphere, The Highest Restaurant In The World

A writer who settled in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates write her experience one day when she enjoyed a dinner at the At.Mosphere Restaurant located in Downtown Dubai, which is the designation for the town center area.

Special atmosphere when she got there, the valet parking officer immediately asked key car to park your vehicle. Valet services provided as a free service of the restaurant.

At.Mosphere restaurant is touted as the world's highest restaurant located on the 122 floor height of 442 meters of the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.

Options available to guests, The Lounge - with a choice of a variety of drinks and snacks, while accompanied by soft music, and The Grill - an option for you to enter the area of fine dining restaurants in At.Mosphere Grill, tasting menus are available.

Entrees ranging from “Foie Gras” to the “King Crab Ravioli” or directly to the main menu, you can try the “Rib Eye Steak” (340 dirhams) with a very soft texture of the meat. Or maybe try the “Wagyu Beef Tomawak” (800 dirhams) with an Asian stomach portion size.

Side dishes, namely “Confit Garlic & Mushroom Sauce” and “Potatoes Puree” will completing this course. There are several choices of sauce and others. Even for the vegetarian menu is available a choice of salad or vegetarian dumplings and also for the seafood fans menu options.

What about dessert? “122 Sphere” (95 dirhams) - that corresponds to the name of the restaurant that was on the floor 122. Brown dome-shaped dish with a sprinkling of nut pecans nut, as if to hide creamy vanilla ice cream and espresso, and chocolate mousse inside.

Seems that we want to try it too.

(Source Asih Wulansari @ woewland - travelKompas /Image At.Mosphere - Dubai)


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