Vrije Markt in the Netherlands

Today's festivities took place in the Netherlands in order to celebrate on transition the royal throne of Queen Beatrix, 75, to his eldest son, Willem Alexander, 46, which took place on Tuesday, April 30, 2013. A very lively folk festival held every year for major event there.

The wider community to participate in the event, many of the traditional activities are held outside.

Generally are sold in 'public market' is used goods, on average costs about 1 euro. Do not be surprised if we saw the crowds and the jostling visitors.

Visitors can see a variety of items for household purposes, antiques, and even food are also available.

Even if every city organizers make different rules. Such as might occur in a city, in Bergen op Zoom too many rules. They failed miserably, she said. One of the participants from Indonesia who has been living in the Netherlands complained that her wares exposed to the rules, ban exposed to new stuff.

They sell satay, soup, spring rolls, fried rice, fried noodles and batik clothes.

"We are exposed to banned. Prohibited reason and 'staangeld' selling new goods to sell food on the street. So the batik clothes must 'opruimen' and the food must be sold inside the cafe."

Yes, it's become one of the interesting news. Remains a festive fanfare for the whole Dutch people in their entirely country.

(Source La Rose Djayasupena /Images Eliza Wijshijer, La Rose Djayasupena)


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