Sitting in the Middle Seat on the Plane?

The tendency of some airlines that offer online tickets making some passengers get the opportunity to select the desired seats, but giving impact on another passenger that sitting in the middle seat.

When we positioned in the two rows of seats maybe it is not a problem, but it becomes less fun when the plane seat models like the 3-3 seats in the economy class types, such as the Boeing 737 or the general 2-4-2 in economy class Airbus-330 or Boeing 747 -340 aircraft type. How do we fix this?

1. Avoid middle seats. Of course this is the first way since being the check-in counter. So as not to feel too cramped in between two people, is to avoid the middle seat. As noted above, take advantage of online check-in to select the seat you want at no extra charge, it is found on some airlines.

2. Bring music gadget players. Listening to music through headphones. Can also prepare books, snack or maybe sleep.

3. Use the table in front of the chair to sleep. Use the front folding table as a bed. And the jacket into a pillow. Or sleeping in an upright position in your chair, use a pillow or rolled-up the jacket as a divider and head restraint. Reverse the seat backrest and noticed the passenger behind you.

4. Become the first into the aircraft cabin. Being on the front row before the call goes into aircraft (boarding). Lower the seat shoulder and place your hands on both shoulders that seat. To secure your area.

5. To the toilet. Although you had to be willing to get up when there are other people who want to go to the toilet. For yourself forced to reduce sugary drinks, so as not to rear room (toilet).

6. Give relief to your feet. Ask the passenger in front of you politely if you want to relief your feet, to advance seat backrest.

Although the trip is still long, there is always a variety of remedies. Not a problem in the middle seat.

(Source NL Made Pertiwi - travelKompas, F Suryawan - Singapore /Image Garuda Indonesia)


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