10 Best Cities for Traveling in 2015 – Part 1

Based on the Lonely Planet about the Cities that Must Visit in 2015

Milan, Italy

You must already have a plan in the coming year, 2015, where will be decided on a travel and special tourism experience? Lonely Planet website has a very decent recommendations for consideration.

Prepare a special trip and your decision is a diamond in 2015.

Here are the cities of the best tourist destinations in 2015, according to Lonely Planet.

1. Washington DC, USA. The city deserves to be in the first position, city of art, music (especially jazz) and is also known as a city of culture, the capital of the United States has one of the best museums in the world, is also a very iconic monuments.

2. El Chalten in Argentina. Second place is a relatively young city; 30 years old. Here is the spectacular place for hikers who can enjoy the glacier and will give camping experience, the place is near Lake Lago Viedma.

Piazza del Duomo, Milan

3. Milan in Italy. No doubt for this city, the third rank, the fashion capital of the exotic. Graceful, stylish, culinary and shopping sensation. Milan will host Expo Milano 2015 event that is believed to be crowded with tourists visit.

The Street in Zermatt

4. Zermatt in Switzerland. Enjoy the atmosphere of a luxury resorts, city of winter sports in Switzerland with the Matterhorn mountain background makes different scents.

Matterhorn Terminal

The city will celebrate 150 years of achievement British climber Edward Whymper, at the peak of the Matterhorn.

5. Valetta in Malta. The capital city of Malta is really looks like a museum, characterized by buildings of 17th century architecture, look harmonious presence along the new designs buildings. You can enjoy the beauty of the Renaissance cathedral building, Baroque palaces, narrow winding streets.

The 2015 trip soon waiting in front of the eye, then we can see five other cities that must be visited in the second part.

Continued on the Part-2...

(Source Intisari Online, KompasTravel /Images MP Djojonegero, BQ Ardani)


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