Sunset in Kuta when You Present There

Not complete it if you do not visit Kuta Beach, while in Bali

Temperatures on the island of Bali is always warm, even air stung skin characteristic tourist area around the beach, but the rain is falling on the island. As noted earlier, it feels incomplete if not visiting Kuta Beach.

Bali has many beautiful beaches that have been known by the tourists, such as the beach of Kuta, Sanur, Nusa Dua and Dreamland, which is always crowded with visits, especially holidays, from morning till night.

Talking about a beach that has become legend since time immemorial, Kuta Beach, which are located in the north of Ngurah Rai Airport. Beach tourists preferred because it is easy to achieve, not surprising that always crowded, and one day you can be there.

In addition to the typical atmosphere of the beach which is always the hot air, you do not have trouble finding a product souvenirs, sold on the beach at a price that is always ready to bargain. Beachwear, beach cloth, bracelets, and others.

An interesting choice when you decide to travel to the beach of Kuta, please be prepared to deal with congestion on the highway, but all can be paid off. Enjoy the beauty of Kuta Beach, good morning, during the day, especially when the late afternoon waiting for sunset.

(Source KompasTravel - Sri Lestari, Ni Kdk R Riyanti - Denpasar /Images Helena Nina, N Ginting - Sanur)


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