Gili Trawangan the Cheapest Tourist Island in Southeast Asia

A survey of TripIndexIsland Sun to the island a popular tourist destination

The tourist area in an exotic place that is able to indulge yourself, Gili Trawangan, curious, is not it? Perhaps you already know that Gili Trawangan and Bali also occupies 10 best islands in Asia by the Travelers' Choice 2014 Awards.

A recent survey of TripIndexIsland Sun shows interesting things, which compares the costs of travel and stay for 1 day at 16 popular tourist destination islands in Southeast Asia.

Maybe a lot of questions arise, where the location of this tourist area? Certainly not a coincidence that the survey carefully produce something that invites the curiosity of the tourists.

The survey calculates the total cost for a 2 night stay in 4 star hotel, two-course meal with coconut water, beer, massages, as well as bike and kayak rentals.

Here are 16 cheapest tourist islands in Southeast Asia.

1. Gili Trawangan, Indonesia (USD 221.82)
2. Bali, Indonesia (USD 255.73)
3. Koh Samui, Thailand (USD 272.59)
4. Lombok, Indonesia (USD 274.54)
5. Cebu, Philippines (USD 309.28)

6. Phuket, Thailand (USD 318.33)
7. Phu Quoc, Vietnam (USD 334.19)
8. Boracay, Philippines (USD 334.54)
9. Penang, Malaysia (USD 361.63)
10. Koh Phi Phi, Thailand (USD 399.17)

11. Redang, Malaysia (USD 436.07)
12. Tioman, Malaysia (USD 459.54)
13. Langkawi, Malaysia (USD 484.95)
14. Palawan, Philippines (USD 509.91)
15. Bintan, Indonesia (USD 543.67)
16. Sentosa, Singapore (USD 787.08)

When we are in Southeast Asia, it is always a lot of options available for travel, Indonesia and Thailand remain the most affordable entertainment places in Southeast Asia, making it easier for tourists to reach the exotic tourist destinations there.

(Source TripIndexIsland, TravelDetik /Images F Benjamin)


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