London in Early Autumn

The city of design and fashion that blend the architecture of the past with the modern fashion life style

London is a vibrant city, regardless of autumn will soon arrive, the city welcomes every season with passion and excitement.

Autumn is characterized by strong winds, look at the leaves of the maple trees in the park were flying at dusk in Hyde Park, London, England, in mid-September.

A vast park in the city of London, to witness the crowds of visitors, citizens and tourists will arrive in the fall, leaving the memories of summer. Season immediately changed, with an average temperature of 10-20 degrees Celsius, and cool enough for anyone who was there.

London is an exotic city with buildings architecture of the past, combined with modern boutique outlets, a city of fashion and fashion that characterizes the futuristic spirit.

Such an interesting article written by a journalist in the mainstream media in Jakarta, with a very interesting expose the atmosphere in autumn will arrive. September is the beginning of autumn in Europe, the sunlight more reluctant to give light.

Elsewhere, Oxford Street shopping center or also at Harrods, or in Trafalgar Square fro pedestrians and cyclists enliven the preparation of the title of the city of London, a variety of festivals ahead of the autumn.

Travelers walk in an evening that is still quite warm, a few cafes and bars in the downtown area started crowded, comfortable place to quench your thirst and forget about feeling tired after a full day doing a variety of activities.

(Source I Setiyawan - Kompas /Images W Sjahran)


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