7 Most Arrogant Cities in America

A survey of America's Favorite Places by criteria after seeing and hearing

Survey of interest to you when you are in a city when you traveled to get there, how a survey showed an arrogance that assessed understanding through sight or hearing by someone.

An interesting experience for you as tourists if they knew that a town called arrogant and deserves to have pride, based on criteria, such as bars, museums, and the elements of hygiene. Through the survey, the correspondent evaluating 38 major metropolitan areas.

1. New York. The city that won various survey categories, including art, theater, and luxury shopping. You will be surprised when at the same time the city of New York, including at the most affordable city.

2. Miami. Their peoples became the most handsome in the US population, they can be found in nightclubs, such as Miami Beach LIV or Story, which has 60 VIP tables.

3. Los Angeles. This is the area that glitters, yes it's Hollywood, lively place with beautiful actresses and handsome peoples. West Hollywoods Robertson Avenue, as an upscale shopping center, here you can have the opportunity to meet with celebrities who are shopping.

In fact the city is so well known as one of the top 10 cities that provide delicious dishes at the cafeteria category, burgers, and buns.

4. Washington DC. Try to see the beautiful homes in the neighborhood of Georgetown, or Politics & Prose Bookstore on Connecticut Avenue. National Gallery of Art, house of Leonardo da Vinci in the Americas, the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage, and musical performances every day. All special look and bring the charm. Heartening.

5. Boston. As travelers do not forget to remember this city as education city, elite university, a time down the aisle for the Harvard Bookstore or Schoenhof's Foreign Books in Cambridge. But do not forget when you're on the highway, they are very bad as the driver of the vehicle.

6. Tampa. Great shopping in SoHo, located in the South of Howard. It's nice to be in the midst of the Southside area, including the dolphin show along Bayshore Boulevard. Visit Epicurean Hotel with wine shop and delicatessen Chocolate Pi and Bern Steak House.

Tampa is known as the best city in terms of cleanliness and provide local residents feel special.

7. Dallas. Attractive city with many attractions of shopping, then Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek and NorthPark Neiman Marcus has long been hallmarks Dallas. Boutique hotel The Joule, Taschen library, and the only spa imported from Texas.

The city of Dallas is known as a city with world-class museums and theaters, including the Wyly Theatre, designed by Rem Koolhaas.

(Source Huffington Post, Kompas /Images N Jalil)


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