What is the difference between Gelato with Ice Cream?

Gelato means ice cream in Italian

Whether in a sightseeing trip to Italy one day, you will taste this Italian-style ice cream? Is gelato can be obtained elsewhere? Of course you can try it in other places, because gelato is increasingly recognized as one of the special menu for anyone, in a culinary context, gelato evolved into a type of ice cream that is made according to the Italian tradition.

Of course you will ask, then what is the difference of gelato with the ice cream? Here are some differences that may soon be known, when you try to taste.

1. The Taste in Tongue. When you try the gelato will feel more solid, smooth texture with a strong flavor of milk. While ice cream is stronger in flavor cream.

2. The Fat Content. Gelato has less fat than ice cream, ice cream is made by cooking cream containing at least 10 percent fat. Gelato use more milk than cream and egg yolks are generally only slightly.

3. The Making Process. Ice cream swirled faster and stronger than gelato. You can see the volume level on the ice cream through the air that arise during the process of mixing.

This volume increased from 25 to 90 percent, so the ice cream feels softer and smoother. While gelato swirled with a slower pace, the result becomes more dense mixture.

4. The Temperature. The ice cream is excellent when served at a temperature of minus 12 degrees Celsius, it can not be different on the gelato served at that temperature, because the texture will become too hard and lose the elastic texture.

Gelato usually served with a temperature of 15 degrees warmer than ice cream. If the ice cream served at this temperature, the ice cream will melt and be like a soup texture.

And travel becomes more complete when we try the local culinary, but gelato has become a familiar menu when traveling, especially on the way in the middle of the blazing hot sun, a visit to the ice cream parlor of choice.

Try the ice cream or gelato with its unique flavor to the variety of flavors offered.

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