Jakarta Old Town is preparing to welcome the Asian Games

Jakarta will be the host city of the Asian Games 2018

Jakarta local government continue to prepare to welcome the sport games among the Asian countries, the Asian Games 2018. One of the parts of town that gets attention is the Old Town of Jakarta.

Major revitalization project of the Old Town region, increasingly, implemented, will certainly have an impact on the city's tourism development.

Downtown revitalization in stages to 27 old buildings, and completed before the Asian Games in 2018.

The first phase of the revitalization will be held at the House of Commerce (Gedung Cipta Niaga) and Kerta Niaga Building that held in the year 2015.

The historic building will be restored as a form of its original building, the old buildings will be revived pulse. The new face of the city for tourists which gives passion while in this region.

(Source Jakarta Provincial Government, Kompas /Images Vivien Puspitasari, P Widi Hatmi)


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