Schengen Visa if You want to Europe

With this visa you can go anywhere, in Europe

Gendarmenmarkt, Germany

You want to take a walk to Europe? Immediately perform the necessary visas to a tourist destination, in which case you need a visa requirement called Schengen Visa.

Of all trips require planning, because to be seen in Europe not all countries can receive these visas.

In order for Schengen Visa can be used well, some things need to be considered.

Travel plans or itinerary. Certainly useful for more effective and efficient way, not in vain, so as to know when the free time to walk around to the other countries in Europe.

Set destinations clearly. You should know the purpose of a visit to Europe, work or vacation? For the purpose of vacation or visiting relatives would be more easily set which countries will be visited.

Prepare budget. You do not want trouble while in Europe, is not it? Define clearly, which countries will be visited, spends the budget that must be provided, so that the plan does not fall apart.

Buckingham Palace, London

Particular country does not accept this type of visa. UK and Ireland need a separate visa. Travelers in Europe need to prepare yourself, because not all countries in the European Union can receive the Schengen Visa.

Schengen visa is used to visit 26 countries in Europe that are members (the European Union) on the Schengen agreement, except for the UK and Ireland. Consider carefully the budget required when applying for a visa when you decide a trip to this country.

Trips require a lot of considerations, including the countries that will be a tourist destination, consult with the relevant embassy, get full info and follow the rules.

(Source Vice EU Ambassador to Indonesia - Colin Crooks - Destination Europe, Travel Kompas /Images P Widi Hatmi, W Sjahran)


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