Macau favored by tourists from Indonesia

Tourist area with unique heritage buildings from the Portuguese era

St Paul's Church

Traveled to Macau is becoming increasingly attractive with the presence of tourists from Southeast Asia, especially from Indonesia. The number of Indonesian tourists who visited Macau continues to grow each year, and an idol for the tourists, but significant growth began to be felt - since 2009.

The Casino of Macau

Macau rich as the area that left traces of the past, not only known as an international casino region, but the buildings are characterized by the Portuguese colonial era.

Senado Square

Special relics that are currently used as a tourist attraction, buildings with unique architecture, such as the ruins of St Paul's Church - a very iconic building, Senado Square, Macau old city, the buildings are a blend of Portuguese and Chinese cultures.

Macau Street Shops

Several factors support the increasing number of tourists are among the implementation of cultural festivals and discount shopping, culinary and cultural feast wealth pretty much held throughout the year, especially from October to early January next year.

Street Market

Macau is a complete destination, not far from Hong Kong, making this region as one of the favorite destinations of tourists from various parts of the world.

(Source Antara, Travel Kompas /Images Hanna Yohana - Hong Kong)


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