Europe became One of the Top Choice of Tourists from Southeast Asia

Each year 8.9 million tourists from Indonesia visited the European continent

Despite the number of tourists from Indonesia are not as many tourists from China, Europe an attractive option with a variety of spectacular tourist destination. The number of visits of the countries in South East Asia continues to increase, and will continue to increase with ease of access and the number of flights offered to various cities in continental Europe.

Naturally the question arises why the European continent as one of the attractive tourist destination? Here are some reasons why Europe is a dream destination.

Consists of Many States. Traveled to Europe allows us to reach many places and countries in the continent, which is important you have acquired Schengen visa as a key entry.

Europe offers a variety of experiences. Europe offers a diversity of tourist destinations, many things can be found. The history of civilization, culture, taste the culinary variety, the grandeur of the city, to the linguistic diversity of European nations.

Not expensive as people think. Is it expensive? When you look at the number of bids for various European countries, the cost factor becomes relative. Actually, we get a fair price. Beautiful cities, security, excellent infrastructure, until a viable transportation is a part of Europe.

Easy visa application. Submission of a visa is not difficult to complete the requirements and objectives clear to visiting Europe.

Easy Accessibility. Europe became an easy goal to achieve, given the availability of airline flights to Europe. Price competition from airline travel tickets, make a choice for travelers to Europe are relatively more affordable.

Europe is a dream for tourists, you can feel the different atmosphere, grandeur and modern versatile atmosphere, as if the future of the country visited.

(Source S Noviyanti - Travel Kompas /Images P Widi Hatmi, W Sjahran, Helen Nina, Sonya Maria, M Paath Djojonegeoro)


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