Cartoon Network Amazone in Thailand open to the public

The world's first Cartoon Network tourist theme park

Theme park apparently could be something refreshing to the world of tourism, we know a wide variety of world-famous theme park, while a place in Pattaya, Thailand officially open to the public in October 2014 and the grand opening will take place on December 2014.

This place is a tourist theme park that become the world's first Cartoon Network, said a statement from Jericho Montano - the management of the Cartoon Network.

You can enjoy the waterpark - which is divided into 10 zones, each zone is suitable for a certain age, with various types of water rides and slide as well as performances with the characters from the Cartoon Network.

Travelers have the ease and choice while in the Pattaya tourism region, a favorite holiday destination for tourists with their family.

(Source Cartoon Network, KTF 2014, Travel Kompas /Images Cartoon Network Amazone)


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