Old Town of Jakarta comes with WiFi facilities

In anticipation of the young age tourists who love the social media

Old Town of Jakarta continues to fix the region, various methods of promotion have been conducted with diverse areas of culture-based events and festivals.
This area is known as the area is thick with the atmosphere of the past, the Dutch East Indies colonial government with typical ancient buildings and all the office buildings of the past.

So far, most of the tourists come from the Netherlands and some other European countries, are slowly beginning to see an increase in visits from tourists who are younger.

The enthusiasm of tourists who visit is diverse, thus requiring more appeal specifically to the needs of tourists. The internet facility is deemed capable of attracting visitor arrivals and make visitors linger there somewhere.

Free WiFi facilities is able to build a more conducive atmosphere for young travelers, the tendency to use social media and then upload the photos to social media likes, such as Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

Old Town of Jakarta may support the best solution to increase tourist visits, mobile phones and internet facilities has become a necessity for most people.

In the near future free WiFi facility at some point in the old town area, the main attraction attractive for tourists to relax and they would like to linger there.

(Source S Noviyanti - Travel Kompas /Images P Widi Hatmi, V Puspitasari)


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