Enjoy delicious "Ragusa" Ice Cream in Jakarta

Founded in 1932 by two Italian nationals, Luigi and Vincent Zo Ragusa

Who wants to taste the flavors of Italian ice cream in Jakarta, a typical place for culinary of the past, become an alternative tourist destination for tourists from Europe who want to remember the past.

Not difficult to find this place, located on Jl Veteran Jakarta and immediately I feel the freshness of a wide variety of ice cream with the addition of a special menu of Indonesian food, such as gado-gado.

"Ragusa" Ice Cream offers a variety of ice cream flavors, such as Banana Split, Special Mix, Spaghetti Ice Cream, Cassata Siciliana, Tutti Frutti, Chocolate Sundae, Lemon Ice, Cola Float, and Nougat.

When you present to this resto, can directly recognize excellence ice cream that does not use preservatives, with flavors of "old school". Actually go back to the past, travelers will be enchanted with the state at the restaurant, the interior rooms were kept to seem ancient. Condition of the building guarded like atmosphere "of the past", only the fan air circulation.

(Source M Swan, Travel Kompas /Images Mara Swan)


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