Smartphones can be used in the Airplane

As per the requirements of the EU aviation authorities (EASA)

We often feel confused if a cell phone can be used in a flight, any time we will take-off - there is always a notification of a flight attendant to turn off the cell phone first. Sure discretion signal generated by devices such gadgets can interfere with the signal flying and endanger the airplane safety.

Technology has evolved in such a way, since the September 26th, 2014, EU aviation authorities (EASA) allow passengers to use portable electronic devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops and e-reader when the aircraft is in its flight.

Authorization to use it only applies to European airspace, with the provisions provided by the rules of any airline which need to be adhered to airline passengers.

EASA issued a permit eligibility for airlines to ensure the aircraft is not affected by any of the transmission of the electronic devices.

Some instructions that need to be carried out by a passenger plane is to seek relevant information from the airline's website, if allowed to wear the device or not. Similarly, other provisions provided by the cabin crew and follow the instructions related to the safety of flight.

In the end we realized on a flight to your destination, aviation safety factor is a priority for everyone.

(Sources Angkasa Online, Travel Kompas /Images Garuda Indonesia)


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