Tradition of Tea Ritual in Country Destination

Several assumptions be misunderstood in tea drinking tradition

Maiko Mamehana preparing teacups

Some tourist destinations in the world have a tradition of drinking tea, for instance when you travel to the UK or Japan. On the other hand you like the activity and involves in local ceremony traditions while enjoying a cup of tea.

Of course some things we need to know, because there is always a misunderstanding, misconceptions about drinking tea.

1. Not all teas should be brewed with boiling water. Only black tea needs. When are brewing tea, tea leaves should not be allowed to continually mix with boiling water in the glass. The leaves of green tea is brewed for 2-3 minutes, whereas black tea leaves for 4-5 minutes.

2. Teabags do not need to shake when brewed. Tea does take time to pull out the aroma and taste. Leave it alone for a minute tea bag in water, then discard. Each one tea bag is designed for one-time infusion.

3. Drink tea preferably unsweetened. If you really want to enjoy tea, do not add a sweetener such as honey or sugar. Good tea and brewed correctly it will not taste bitter. Tea taste good even when no added sweeteners.

Tourists in Himeji Castle

Recognizing one of the customs of a country, making us as tourists can get to know about the cultural traditions in the country of destination, for example, when the tea ritual.

Tourist experience that might be interesting and unforgettable.

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