Changi has become one of the attractions in Singapore

Changi Airport is not just the airport but an enjoyable shopping place for tourists

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Who could have thought if an airport with an area of 1,300 acres turns into a tourist attraction, for new passenger aircraft landing at Changi airport, they will get a different impression.

Changi International Airport has become a convenient place for tourists who will travel to Singapore, even for passengers in transit or may be simply taking the time to shop.

According to Assistant Vice President of Corporate and Marketing Communications, Changi Airport Group, Robin Goh, citing an article from "Travel Kompas", Wednesday, October 15, 2014, the price of goods at the airport which is less expensive because it is free of tax, tourists will certainly not miss the opportunity to shop at Changi.

There are facilities that you may have never imagined, 350 shops and services, 120 restaurants throughout the 3 terminals, jacuzzi, fitness center, hotel, children playground, games center, fish spa, TV lounges, to the waterslide rides.

In fact you will find a pool and themed gardens, such as the Butterfly Garden of the first in the world with 1,000 butterflies fluttering.

Like a present in a very complete shopping mall to pamper the tourists, the passengers and tourists who will go to the town of Singapore.

(Source Ni Luh Made Pertiwi - Travel Kompas /Images M Kretyawan, J Mudas, Changi Airport, wikipedia)


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