Foods That Not Suitable While on the Plane

Certain foods make your air travel becomes unpleasant

Menu on the Plane

You often travel by airplane, and assume air travel as an integral part in all activities, including to travel to various parts of the world.

Fast food or fried foods. Digestive function will work harder when in altitude, saturated fats found in fried foods will burden the digestive function, constriction of blood circulation and deep vein thrombosis. Sure you do not want to feel heartburn or stomach pain.

Alcohol. It's fun to drink alcohol, refreshing body before flying. But there are risks for airline passengers, they will experience a dry feeling like feel dehydrated. In addition, alcohol has a greater effect on your body when you are at a certain height.

Gassy vegetables. After takeoff, the air pressure in the cabin is reduced, resulting in gas and air are swallowed and are in the stomach and small intestine expands, consequently arise uneasy feeling and flatulence. Stay away from broccoli, cabbage, and other vegetables that contain gas.

Carbonated beverages. For example, a soda, a major cause of flatulence, due to air pressure changes at a certain height. You feel abdominal discomfort.

Sugar-free candy. Sugar-free products usually still contain artificial sweeteners. The impact can make flatulence and laxative effect.

Foods containing chilli is also not recommended

Nuts. Foods derived from nuts contributor to stomach gas, bloating effects is at the time being in height.

Garlic. Garlic last long in your breath and sweat, foods that contain elements garlic contains sulfur compounds are absorbed into the bloodstream and lungs. The most obvious impact is for when you are having a conversation and breathes smell of garlic, of course, can interfere with your travel companion on the plane to the destination.

Of course you want to make air travel, make careful preparations before setting course needs, including several types of specific foods that must be avoided. Because of its impact when you are in the air and even when landed.

(Source Smarter Travel, Michael - Travel Kompas /Images Singapore Airlines, Sambal Pedas)


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