10 Backpacking Destinations That You Must Visit

Save trip to the various travel destination ala backpacker based on the Price of Travel

Wat Pho Temple, Thailand

Take a walk on a sightseeing trip to various places in the world has always been associated with the budget, at this point is often a lot of potential tourists to postpone their trip.

In a situation like this, would need to carefully look for cities that are friendly to the travelers, especially backpackers, considering backpacking trip is always synonymous with a tight budget and cheap.

Brandenburg Tor, Berlin

Citing the Huffington Post, the following is 10 backpacking destinations that you must visit by Price of Travel.

1. Chiang Mai, Thailand - Exotic beaches, exciting nightlife and beautiful traditional scenery. Estimated cost in Chiang Mai only need about US $ 18 per day (according to financial experts in Price of Travel).

2. Istanbul, Turkey - Known for its culinary, city and surroundings are charming historical value, as well as exciting nightlife. Favored by backpackers from around the world.

3. Tulum, Mexico - Suitable for backpackers who like adventure. Steep cliffs above the ocean, swimming in crystal clear water, then diving with underwater incredible scenery.

4. Berlin, Germany - Places to be favored by backpackers, clubs and bars are open 24 hours, the charm of street arts, and historic sites.

5. Reykjavik, Iceland - The most ideal city for traveling solo. Beautiful nature, cafes, and a trip to explore glaciers and waterfalls of Iceland. Hotel price a little expensive, but you can find a hostel at a price below US $ 30 per night.

6. Galicia, Spain - It is a small area on the outskirts of Spain are known for going green grass and rice fields, as well as the traditional culture of Spain and in the summer there is an interesting horse festival.

7. Cuzco, Peru - This is where you can see Machu Picchu, land above the clouds. Rural atmosphere, traditional markets, handicrafts, wild rivers flow with rafting, or mountain climbing in the hinterland.

8. Sofia, Bulgaria - You will find a building with a stunning design and interior, open markets, and the food is super cheap. The third cheapest city for backpackers, based on the European Backpacker Index 2015 issued by the Price of Travel.

9. Pokhara, Nepal - Enjoy views of the Annapurna mountains, waterfalls, safari camp. The least expensive city for backpackers (Survey by Price of Travel, 2014) at a cost per day here just US $ 14.

10. Montreal, Canada - Friendly city for backpackers and is one of the cheapest backpacker city in North America, you can bike, walk, or ride a scooter and skateboard along the main street.

Travel tours will add many special experiences in your life, and travel can also be implemented in a low cost budget, or saving a trip around the world.

(Source CNN Indonesia, Price of Travel /Images Puji TH, P Widi Hatmi)


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