Being Thoughtful and Caring for Travel Insurance

Preparation yourself by purchasing travel insurance, especially for travel trips

Plane crash incident of AirAsia QZ 8501 with the route trip Surabaya-Singapore on Sunday, December 4th, 2014, in the sea waters around Pangkalan Bun, Central Kalimantan as if reminding many people about the importance of travel insurance.

More of the same is true for tourists who have diverse goals to all corners of the world, as always without a foreseeable disaster.

For example, experienced by a tourist, on her way to Seoul, South Korea with a group of tourists from Jakarta 6 months ago, bringing calamity suddenly fainted during the return trip to the airport. At that moment the traveler was taken to a local hospital and require maintenance and operation of up to 3 times since being diagnosed with a stroke.

Luckily for her, had previously bought travel insurance before leaving, because it has been covered by travel insurance.

Of course we need to look at such things, and the following tips on choosing travel insurance premiums.

1. Knowing in detail the contents of the premium. Examine carefully so as not to buy insurance premium equal to the premiums that we have. Simply purchase travel insurance which bore the loss of goods for example.

2. Looking for comparison. It is important for us to determine which one is more appropriate and which are not in accordance with the requirements.

3. Buy in the right agent. If you love to travel and traveled to many places in the world, travel insurance can be purchased through an insurance agent, travel agent, or online. Insurance agent or a travel agent help to simplify and accelerate the process of filing insurance.

Do not forget to re-check the contents before purchasing.

4. The additional travel insurance premiums. Usually, insurance companies are reluctant to bear the risk for sports activities, wild nature, or to a place that is considered dangerous, for example, to the area of conflict. The insurance company will ask for payment of an additional premium, especially for professionals.

With all the advice given above, isn’t such a thing might happen to us?

It is not wrong, when the tourists and travel agents reminded that we are always prepared to travel insurance. Do not delay to buy, the price proposed was not too expensive.

(Source Fira Abdurachman – Kompas Travel /Images B Pratikto)


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