Things that Cause Cancellation of Air Travel

Certain insurance products can replace the Cost of Tickets

Often in an air travel, tourists cancel a trip to a variety of reasons that may occur. Of course, if it happens make us think, if tickets already purchased can burn away?

Of course we can try, find out about the insurance products that take care of the cancellation of air travel, for example Trip Cancellation product from an insurance company, Allianz.

Trip Cancellation is a travel insurance product which is dedicated to protecting the travel tickets purchased risks causing delayed trip of someone.

There are certain requirements that need to be met, that the circumstances of the cancellation of the trip should be is grounded in the sense that the situation is not expected or does not happen by accident and are beyond the control of the person concerned.

Some of the things that led to the cancellation of air travel.

1. Death
2. A serious injury
3. Serious illness
4. Quarantine experienced by you, relatives, children or other dependents, regardless of whether they are insured or not in the policy
5. Strikes
6. unrest or riots are unpredictable and occur at the planned destination
7. Disaster
8. Calls for a witness or a task - to become a judge in court

Travel insurance does not regarded as a necessity inherent in the tour by most of the tourist community, would need special awareness considering travel insurance can protect travelers against risks that can occur in a tourist trip.

(Source Allianz Utama, Kompas Travel /Image Dany Mulyani)


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