Making Your Clothes Neat Without Tangled in a Traveling

Simple method for the travelers in a distant place

Paddy's Pub, Kuta, Bali

Maybe you can try it, on your way in cities or places of tourist destinations in a country far from home. Of course you need to prepare yourself when necessary.

The following tips can be applied easily and can be done in a shorter time.

Flatten Clothing by Wet Towel. Press the towel surface to reduce tangles on clothing. Let the clothes completely dry before use.

Use Hairdryer! This method is most easily done, grab a distance of about 3-5 centimeters between clothing with hair dryers.

Hanging clothes in the bathroom.It took longer, but is considered the most popular and effective as an alternative to ironing.

Use Spray Bottle. Clothing should be hung in the open place, take a distance of about 30 centimeters between the clothes, then spray with a spray bottle filled with water (can be added with the fragrance fabric/softener).

Use of the water steam boiler. Similar to the method of hanging clothes in the enclosed bathroom and bring into your clothes. More effectively used for small-sized clothes and with the level of light creases.

Regardless of travel was not really need the clothes were neat, but there are times when you want to try a special culinary at a famous restaurant in a city/tourist destination.

(Source Tabloid Nova, KompasTravel /Image Dian M Balqis)


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